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Skin Eat!

PhD Research Skin interfaces Mindful eating

Skin is one of the most emotionally charged channels on our human body and can easily evoke human emotions by different cues. Recent researches have found that there is an intimate, bidirectional connection between the gut and skin. As the gut and skin are the primary interfaces with the external environment, both systems are essential to the maintenance of the physiological balance. Furthermore, advances in new materials, electronics, and human-computer interactions have led to the emergence of electronic devices that reside directly on the user’s skin known as epidermal devices, electronic skin, e-tattoo or interactive skin. All of which are thin and have mechanical properties of being able to elastically deform, and stretch with the human skin. We see this as an opportunity for a broad range of essential applications since the skin is an amazing organ with many unique user-interface properties, which we aim to explore in relation to mindful eating.

Made with by Jason Ng.
Supervised by Dr. Rohit Ashok Khot, & Dr. Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi


More details about the project coming soon.